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World Freight Rates

About the Company:

World Freight Rates was founded on the simple principle of helping people get all of their logistics information (shipping rates, warehousing costs, news, transportation companies, etc..) in one place, so they could quickly and easily take actionable decisions.

Since the vast majority of shipments are done by people who do so as a side function of their primary responsibilities (like selling goods or manufacturing products), we wanted to help people be as effective as possible in resolving all things shipping.

Whether it’s using one of our calculators to estimate market rates, the news aggregator to access the latest information, finding a person to help you answer questions, or use exchange to get carriers and freight forwarders to respond to your needs, WFR is here to help.

Position Description:

Work together with a team to create databases to facilitate and automate several key processes.


Historically, working with numerous interns, have offered zero compensation to interns, as we know this is an incredible opportunity to gain real hands-on experience working under a phenomenal programmer that could provide the type of experience that really improves a programmers resume and may open some bigger doors in the future.

However, this situation is different as we want to reward the right talent with a unique opportunity, and as such have decided to “sweeten the pot” with some equity in WFR.

This way, in addition to the experience and knowledge gained, as well as the positive factors of having WFR on one’s resume, should we sell the business in the near-term (that’s our goal) and something truly great occurr, our interns (along with everyone else at the company) would be able to benefit as well (you ever hear the story of the Facebook house painter that got equity in lieu of cash for his work?).

We understand this opportunity isn’t for everyone, but we are only looking for the right fit.

Position Duties:

Creation of databases and ability to have databases interact and exchange information, send out key data to clients and partners.

Construct rules to process emails and have system automate the exchange of information.


Must understand SQL, java and html. Be able to work well with others. Must be available to put in 15-20hrs a week for 3-6 months. After initial internship period expires, other opportunities may be presented.

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