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UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (IHP-LAC)

About the Company:

UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (IHP-LAC) and Foundation WET Project is collaborating with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security at the Institute of Environment of the Florida International University.

Position Description:

A paid internship to develop a mobile app to promote water education in Latin America and the Caribbean. The goal of the app is to provide educational material for teachers, professors and educators including games, hands on and recreation activities on key issues about water, classified by age ranges and allowing teachers to prepare an appropriate class on the subject to be discussed. Some of those materials are currently available in .pdf and paper format (General Guide for Teachers of the Americas and the Caribbean) and new materials are to be developed to fully cover the topics of interest, including:



Axis I: Reconnecting with water

Ethics and Water
Ethical principles and values identification

Personal values

Water Cycle Science
The water cycle

Movements of surface water and landscape modelling

Movement of groundwater

Statistics and percent of Earth covered in water, water as a limited resource

Axis II: Water, Life and Health

Water and ecosystems
Importance to species and population

Water in the ecosystems

Water and Health
Nutrition: the importance of water consumption

Water borne illness

Water sanitation

Water problems
Water-related risks (flood, drought, hailstorm, hurricane, typhoon, snow storm, ice storm, tsunami, erosion).

Climate Change


Water stress

Water security

Axis III: Water Management

Water supplies
Demand, quantity and quality of water

Water culture
Cultural and local knowledge

Personal habits in relation to water

Water resources
Water management, use and reuse Watersheds

Research and assessment
Questions and hypotheses formulation, Observations

Water economy



App development experience

Position Duties:

Characteristics of app to be devbeloped:

Target audience
Aimed at teachers, professors and educators of formal and informal education at kindergarten, primary and secondary level and respective students (optional)

Structure of the app
Once you enter the application with the corresponding user, you should be able to select the topic (Annex I). Within each topic, it should be possible to select the age range of the students (Annex II), a selection that will allow the teacher to access an activity developed especially for that age group on the chosen topic (whether it is a teacher or a student). In the case of "teacher user", each activity has several stages, listed in Annex II. A description of the activity should be displayed when selected. In the case of "student user", there would be displayed a game or an activity related to the topic for the selected age range.

Software platforms
Android (mandatory), iOS (optional), Windows Phone (optional)

Spanish (mandatory), English (mandatory), Portuguese, Dutch, French, Guaraní and other spoken language of the region (optional, in these priority order)

Graphic Design
To develop the graphic design of the contents considering the material provided by UNESCO and WET.

To generate a user, entering personal and professional data, as well as the educational institution involved. Have user data storage for statistics. Allow registration by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Search system
To include a search system for the material with keywords to facilitate navigation through the app.

Offline use
To allow the use of the application without data consumption, that is, even without an Internet connection. To offer the users the possibility of downloading to their cell phone the material they want to be able to use later without connection.

Material downloading
To allow the download of material in .pdf format in order to be able to print it if necessary.

To update the app when corrections, modifications in functionalities, new developments and services and / or detected modifications needs to existing ones.

If the student access option is included, allow users to select between a student profile and a teacher profile.

To block user data to be shared with other users or other applications.

Technical Support
To include common questions about the use of the app in order to facilitate the user experience.
Social media
To allow to be linked to social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (to recommend the app, for example).

To allow the collection of information about the most consulted topics, age range and activities in order to be able to make an analysis of possible improvements.

To send notifications to users when new material is added to it

News in the app
To include a section where the coordinating institutions can publish news and updates about new available material, new publications or courses and offered seminars.

App´s maintenance
Do the provider offer the application maintenance service? For how long?

App of reference;;;;


App demo and company profile
To present us a demo of the app in process that we can see and test

Profile of the designer/developer
Bilingual (English/Spanish)

To apply for this job email your details to

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

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