Data Scientist

UKG, Inc.

About the Company:

UKG, Inc. develops and markets human resources and payroll software for workforce management. We provide sophisticated people management technology delivered in the cloud.

Position Description:

Data Scientist, UKG, Inc., Weston, Florida


As a member of the Data and Analytics Center of Excellence, this position is responsible for implementing standards across the organization for data, metrics, and analysis, delivering insights gleaned from data to drive business decisions, and monitoring the impact of those decisions to ensure they are driving the impact needed. The Data Scientist will develop machine learning and natural language processing models to provide insights and recommendations to the business to improve internal operations, to understand customers, to provide smarter products and services, to create additional revenue, and to drive decision making.  Specific duties of this position include the following:


●       Work closely with business units on data, metrics and analytics to deliver actionable insights that lead to high quality business decisions.

●       Drive continuous improvement in the company’s use and management of data through measurement and monitoring.

●       Wrangle and integrate data from various data sources using sound software engineering practices.

●       Work with multiple teams and departments to gain access to and understanding of the data.

●       Build and operationalize predictive and prescriptive models for a variety of internal stakeholders using both structured and unstructured data sources.

●       Drive increased revenue/decreased cost/decreased risk through data science.

●       Apply mathematics and statistics principles to develop novel algorithms, models, performance measures, and simulations.

●       Read and implement algorithms from research papers and journal for solving business problems

●       Tell stories with analytics and insights, adapting level of detail to the proper audience.

●       Explain complex data science techniques to data analysts and non-technical users.



This position requires a Master’s degree (or an equivalent foreign degree) in Data Science, Computer Science or a closely related field and 3 years of experience as a Data Scientist or as a Software Engineer.  Experience must include at least 1 year of experience with the following:


●       Formulating data science solutions to real-world business problems and using data science, advanced research methodology and analytics to drive increased revenue and decreased costs;

●       Working with Machine Learning (including Machine Learning models using strong reproducible research principles) and Reinforcement Learning algorithms and techniques;

●       Working with either Computer Vision/Convolution Neural Networks or Natural Language Processing/Recurrent Neural Networks and techniques;

●       Building data pipelines using mathematical and statistical principles to feed Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing  models;

●       Deploying Machine Learning models to production in a cloud based environment (either GCP or AWS) using Docker containers, Microservice architecture and cross programming platform APIs tools including Protobufs;

●       Working with: (i) common visualization tools including either Tableau, PowerBI, seaborn or plotly (ii) data science programming languages including either Python, R or Scala, and (iii) machine learning frameworks including scikit-learn, scipy, pandas, TensorFlow or Keras, OpenCV  and;


Will accept any qualified combination of education, training and or experience.


Interested applicants should submit their resume to Yeiny Acosta, TA Operations Program Lead, at

Position Duties:

See Position Description

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