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Building the first safe & effective dating app w/ML-based AI

About the Company:

Online dating is dangerous, ineffective, and thus ripe for disruption.  Most daters experience threats or much, much worse*.  Only 12% find committed relationships.  Millions pay billions, are victimized, and fail again and again.  SafeDate will capture this business.

Our unique selling proposition: If you want safe and effective dating, we’re here.  Safe as ML-based AI consensually vets every applicant with FBI-like rigor.  Accepting most, rejecting many.  Effective as our AI matchmaking avatar proactively introduces and promotes relationships-binary, nonbinary, young, old, physically and/or emotionally challenged, and shy.  Unique as the only predator-free, liar-free, married-free, underaged-free, toxic-free, matchmaking, good people dating app.

Position Description:

The IT Advisor is the senior computer science position.  S/He works with the non-technical Founder on all IT matters.  Part-time at first, the incumbent should be capable of becoming the full-time CTO managing the IT Department staff and vendors, upon our funding.


Graduate student or post-doc with AI and ML expertise.  Strong references.  Creative.  Great project management skills.  Attracted to startups and the opportunity to make global dating safe and effective for everyone.

Position Duties:

The IT Advisor will:

a) Contribute to product design,

b) Assist in selecting a third-party software development firm,

c) Oversee on-boarding the firm following our funding,

d) Direct all internal and external digital activities,

e) Secure and maintain our technological First-Mover advantage.

To apply for this job email your details to

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

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